Payable by Term.  Fees are non-refundable – classes missed can be made up with prior arrangement.

The fees are calculated by the number of weeks each term.

  • Returned cheques will incur a $20.00 penalty.
  • Please make all cheques payable to Bellarine Academy of Dance.

Enrolment includes 4 terms of tuition.  Consistent participation is encouraged.  If a student must withdraw, please notify the studio in writing.  Fees will continue to accrue until notification is received.

Unless 4 weeks’ written notice is given before the commencement of the term, fees are neither refundable nor transferable between students or terms. If a student is going to be away for extended periods of time (i.e. 4 weeks or more within one term) discounted fees may be applied for in advance. These arrangements must be made prior to the commencement of term and discounts will be at the discretion of the Principal. Discounts will not be available for those classes with waiting lists in place.



A $28 Registration Fee per family applies to all enrolments, excluding Pre-school classes.



There will be NO classes on public holidays.



If a student is going to miss class, the parent is asked to call the school.

If the student cannot attend the regularly scheduled class, he or she may attend another similar class at the principal’s discretion.  NO credit is given on fees for absenteeism.



If WE (Bellarine Academy of Dance) have to cancel a class, registrants will be notified in advance and fees paid will be refunded or credited. If a student/parent cancels a class, there will be no refund or credit given.



A studio uniform is required at all times and is available from Bellarine Academy of Dance and Geelong Dance Supplies in Little Malop St Geelong.  Students without the proper attire will not be permitted to participate in that days class.  Cover-up garments must be worn to and from the studio.



During the first few weeks of classes some students may be shifted to other classes to ensure they are dancing with others of similar ability.  If you have any questions about placement, please feel free to call the studio to discuss your child with the teachers.



We understand that being late is sometimes unavoidable, however, a student who is more than 10mins late for class may be asked by the teacher to observe rather than take class.  This is not a disciplinary measure, but it is done with the student’s best interests in mind.  A student who misses the beginning exercises runs the risk of injury by not being properly warmed up.  Please make sure the student understands this.



All students must attend the full range of classes available before seeking permission from the Director to attend another dance institution or school.



All students are required to be covered by their own insurance, and if an injury occurs, it is understood that the students and their family are responsible for any medical costs.

All students and/or their parents must sign a registration form in order to participate in classes.  You dance at your own risk.



Dance is a physical activity and whilst all reasonable care is taken, to the extent permitted by law Bellarine Academy of Dance is not liable for injuries sustained during classes, instruction, performance activities or otherwise.

In the case of an injury or health concern in respect of your child, all reasonable efforts will be made to contact you promptly. But, in the case of an emergency, or in the event that you cannot be reached, Bellarine Academy of Dance will to seek medical attention for the student. This may involve Bellarine Academy of Dance rendering first aid to the student or calling an ambulance for the student. By signing the registration form you agree to indemnify Bellarine Academy of Dance for any costs incurred in obtaining such emergency medical attention, for example ambulance fees.



By signing the registration form, you give full rights to Bellarine Academy of Dance and its staff, to use photo or video images of you and your child for promotional purposes of the studio only.  Photo & video images will not be used for any other purpose.  At Open Days or performances parents are not permitted to take images of their children. Should this create any concerns please feel free to contact the school.



Bellarine Academy of Dance encourages active and responsible participation by parents on its social media platforms (e.g. Facebook). All posts and comments must be respectful, polite, inoffensive and appropriate. Bellarine Academy of Dance does not always monitor its platforms, so if you see that something inappropriate or offensive has been posted, please contact us immediately via phone. Bellarine Academy of Dance takes no responsibility for the posts or comments of parents on its platforms.  Children are not to post, comment or upload content to Bellarine Academy of Dance’s platforms. These platforms and forums are for parents only.



A costume hire fee applies to all students participating in Exams and Performances.  An extra charge for musical accompaniment applies to exam entries.  These costs are approximately $140-$200 per student.

These are not a requirement for taking classes.

Entry fees, costume fees & any additional costs for exams and performances are non-refundable.

Students wishing to participate in Exams, Eisteddfods and the Concert are required at all extra workshops and rehearsals.  If unable to attend the required classes, students will not be eligible to participate – this will be strictly adhered to.



All costumes are provided by Bellarine Academy of Dance for a minimal costume levy.  The costume levy covers the extensive preparation, sewing, purchasing and laundering of costumes and accessories required for the annual performance.  Students must have their own dance shoes, pink ballet tights, make-up & hair accessories.



To assist with the expenses of costumes & the concert, a fundraising drive is held each year.



These are one on one specialised coaching classes ranging from 30 to 60 minutes.  Two weeks notice must be given if your child cannot attend their scheduled private lesson.  Where the scheduled time slot can be filled you will receive a refund.  If the time slot cannot be filled, NO refund will be given.



Daytime classes are held during each school holidays for extra exam & concert rehearsals.  These classes are compulsory for students wishing to participate in exams & performances.  These classes cost approximately $25-30 per day and run for 1 to 4 days each school holidays.  Students absent during the Winter workshop will not be eligible to enter for an exam or assessment.  Students absent during the Spring Workshop will not be eligible to participate in the annual concert.



In the event of any failure to comply with any of the terms, conditions, codes or policies referred to on this page, Bellarine Academy of Dance reserves the right to cancel the student’s enrolment and in this situation any fees paid or payable will not be refunded.


Kellie Williamson